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An EMC Perspective: Hear it from the Best in EMC

Join us for an exclusive joint seminar presented by C-PRAV Group and Wurth Electronics, focusing on the comprehensive journey of transforming your product from concept to consumer. Featuring insightful presentations by Globally renowned and leading EMC experts Keith Armstrong, Chris Nicholas, Andy Degraeve from Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd. Europe and Local AU experts Praveen Rao from C-PRAV Labs & Certifications , Julia Moses from Wurth Electronics. This seminar offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, enhance your skills, and network with industry professionals. Don’t miss the chance to navigate the intricacies of product development and make meaningful connections in the field.

5th February 2024

9:30am – 4:30 pm

Box Hill Golf Club: 
202 Station St, Box Hill South VIC 3128

Keynote Speaker: Keith Armstrong


7th February 2024

9:30am – 4:30 pm

The Epping Club:
45-47 Rawson St, Epping NSW 2121

Keynote Speaker: Keith Armstrong


8th February 2024

9:30am – 4:30 pm

Indooroopilly Golf Club: 
Meiers Road Indooroopilly Brisbane
Queensland 4068 

Keynote Speaker: Andy Degraeve


9th February 2024

9:30am – 4:30 pm

Mount Osmond Golf Club:
60 Mount Osmond Rd, Mount Osmond SA 5064

Keynote Speaker: Chris Nicholas

Time Agenda
9:30 AM Introduction
9:45 AM Key Note Speaker Presentation*
D-I-Y near-field and Current Monitor testing techniques
Demonstration of several basic EMC design principles by ‘EMC Demo System’
11:15 AM Morning Tea Break
11:30 AM Julia Moses Presentation:
ESD, hardened for shocks
ESD can be one of the most problematic immunity EMC tests to diagnose when the product fails. The voltages, currents and frequencies involved with a transient Electro Static Discharge pulse can render typical debugging tools such as probes and scopes defunct. So we will look at PCB layout and onboard PCB solutions that can help harden your product to this EMI transient events to levels beyond what you may require for compliance but can still be achieved in the real world.
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Praveen Rao Presentation:
Snags & Solutions in EMC
Every Snag has a Solution and EMC is no different. In this topic we discuss various pitfalls of EMC compliance that may be due to poor grounding, filtering, shielding, etc. How can these shortfalls impact on the product’s final compliance and hence entry to market? Important factors to consider before taking your product to a Compliance Test Lab. How to manage EMC testing? EMC may be considered as an Approval process, but it is also vital for a product’s safe, reliable and robust operation in the field.
3:00 PM Afternoon Tea Break
3:15 PM Praveen Rao Presentation:

Global Product Compliance – A trip around the world

To enter into any country for sale of your product, Approvals are required, and the fundamental keys are Standards, Regulations, Testing & Certifications (SRTC). Let’s go on a world-trip unlocking the requirements of some of the major and popular economies. Will Testing in Australia enable you to sell in the North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle-East, Asia-Pacific countries?
4:00 PM Q&A Panel with Speakers

*Please note that the keynote speaker may differ based on the city. Refer above to identify the specific speaker scheduled for each location.

Exclusive to Melbourne attendees, cap off the EMC Seminar with an immersive tour of our new EMC Lab – a fantastic opportunity for networking with drinks & nibbles – while witnessing the behind the scenes of C-PRAV! For those who have registered for the Melbourne seminar – make sure to check your emails!

About The Speakers
Keith Armstrong - EMC Standards

Keith Armstrong

EMC Guru
Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd

Chris Nicholas - Cherry Cough Consultants Inc.

Chris Nicholas

EMC Design Specialist
Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd

Praveen Rao - C-PRAV Group

Praveen Rao

CEO & Technical Director
C-PRAV Group

Andy Degraeve - Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd

Andy Degraeve

EMC Design Specialist
Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd

Julia Moses - Wurth Electronics Australia

Julia Moses

Internal Applications Engineer
Wurth Electronics Australia

About The Organisers

With 30+ Years of Experience

C-PRAV’s expert services provides most experienced and knowledgeable support for businesses seeking Local & Global Product Testing & Approvals.

C-PRAV can help you with anything related to Standards, Regulations, Testing and Certifications (SRTC).

Würth Elektronik, based in Niedernhall, Baden-Württemberg, boasts a global workforce of 8,200 and achieved €1.33 Billion in sales in 2022.

With 23 production sites worldwide, the company is a key player in the Würth Group, embodying a commitment to excellence in services, quality, and customer proximity under the umbrella brand “more than you expect.”

Würth Elektronik eiSos is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of electronic & electromechanical components.

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Keith Armstrong

Keith graduated in 1972 from Imperial College, London, UK, with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering. He has been a member of the IEE/IET since 1977, of the IEEE since 1997. Appointed both Fellow of the IET, and Senior Member of the IEEE, in 2010.

After working for others for 18 years, in 1990 Keith started Cherry Clough Consultants to help companies reduce project costs and timescales, whilst reducing warranty costs and other financial risks, by using well-proven low-cost signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and EMC design, manufacturing, and verification techniques.

Working at every level, on products, systems, and installations, in all applications, worldwide, Keith has used these techniques to help achieve quick, low-cost compliance, by:

·                  Training (practical, plain English, pocket-calculator maths)

·                  Practical consultancy in design, development, verification

·                  Helping fix real-life SI, PI and EMC problems arising in any project lifecycle stage.

To date, he has had over 930 satisfied customers, in almost all types of applications, worldwide; and trained thousands of people since 1994.

In 2018 he was first person to receive the new IEEE award: “Excellence in Continuing EMC Engineering Education, for continuing education in EMC, signal integrity, and power integrity from a practically based point of view”

Keith is the UK’s representative on the teams responsible for IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 61000-1-2, and IEC 61000-6-7. He chaired the IET team that created the concept of ‘Electromagnetic Resilience’, and published it for the first time in the IET “2017 Code of Practice on Electromagnetic Resilience in Support of Functional Safety”.            

He also chaired the team that developed Electromagnetic Resilience into the full IEEE Standard 1848-2020 “Techniques and Measures to Manage Functional Safety and Other Risks with Regard to Electromagnetic Disturbances” – a very important standard indeed for the safety of modern and autonomous systems.

Chris Nicholas

IEEE Member

Chris is a graduate of Salford Univ, Lancs., UK, and has over 35 years in the RF design of military, aerospace, automotive, commercial and retail electronics working for companies involved in equipment design and EMC compliance.

He started his career in Racal in the early 80’s, learning the basics of RF engineering and EMC/EMI. 

When automotive electronics first got started, Chris joined the Ford Motor Co. (Dunton, Essex, UK) and was instrumental in setting up their RF and EMC laboratory facilities. He became experienced in high volume design and manufacture, and was awarded a Patent for antenna diversity.

Most recently, at Lockheed Martin UK, he set up and managed the Military EMC pre-compliance facility used by their design teams.

Chris likes to consider different approaches to difficult problems, and pass on knowledge to younger engineers. He has a passion for good pragmatic engineering design practice and implementing low noise signatures.

Chris passed the radio amateur’s examination in 1976 but is hardly active on the air as he prefers to tinker with low noise oscillators on the bench.

Praveen Rao

CEO & Technical Director, C-PRAV Group: Australia, New Zealand, India & Canada 

C-PRAV Labs & Certifications 

Professional engineering experience of 30+ years with technical and managerial skills obtained from professional degree, courses, and hands-on experience, while working with organizations and companies involved in Design & Development, Testing, Inspection, Certification and Compliance (TICC). 

Management of electrical/electronic products & systems Testing and Certifications for Global markets in Consumer, Industrial, IT, Telecom, Defence, Medical, and Automotive Industries. Overall advisory for Standards, Regulations, Testing and Certifications for Global Market Access (GMA). 

  • ISO/IEC 17025 Lab Quality Management 
  • NATA Authorised Signatory (1995 to 2000) for EMC Testing 
  • NATA & IANZ Authorised Technical Assessor (current)
  • EMI/EMC, RF/Wireless, EMR-RF Exposure/SAR 
  • NATA Technical Assessors Advisory Committee (current) 
  • Current Chair of Australian EMC National Standards Committee 
  • Member of Australian National standards committees for Safety, Radio, RF Exp/SAR 
  • Represent Australia in International Standards committees like IEC, CISPR, IEEE 
  • Member of Telecommunications Certification Body Council, USA and European REDCA  

Andy Degraeve

IEEE Member

Andy Degraeve was born in Ghent, Belgium, on June 6, 1980.

He received the M.S. degree in electronics and computer engineering from the KU Leuven, Technology Campus Ostend, Belgium, in 2014.

In June 2014 he received a nomination for the best master thesis by the ie-net engineering association. From 2014 till 2018, he was a Research Assistant at the KU Leuven Campus Bruges, Research group ReMI, Reliability in Mechatronics & ICT (now called “M-Group” standing for “Mechatronics Group”). His main research interests included electromagnetic compatibility, immunity and functional safety in life or mission critical situations.

In May 2018 he was a Technical Session chair at the joint IEEE EMC and APEMC symposium in Singapore, Singapore. From 2019 till 2020 he was the Technical and Product Manager at Schlegel Electronic Materials, a member of eMei group, in Belgium, with a focus on shielding, absorbing and thermal management materials.

From 2020, he is focussing on EMC education and diagnostics using low-cost test equipment, and joined Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd as an Associate to provide independent expertise in good, cost-effective EMC design, worldwide.

Julia Moses

Internal Applications Engineer
Wurth Electronics Australia

Julia joined the team at Wurth Electronics Australia in Nov 2020 as an Internal Applications Engineer. She obtained her MEng in Electronics from Deakin University, Victoria in 2015. 

As an Applications Engineer, she provides product & technical support to customers in Australia & New Zealand at various stages of their design. 

Prior to this, Julia worked as a product manager with 4 years of experience in the emergency lighting design industry.